Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SolidJott addin for SolidWorks

Help, Where you need it, When you need it.

It’s Here! It’s Here! Raise the Banners and Sound the Trumpets It’s Here!
SolidWorks help when you need it where you need it.

The SolidJott plugin for SolidWorks is here. Download this FILE here, install and have fun. You will need to create a account here at SolidJott, it is quick and painless, and when you open the addin in SolidWorks you will need to login to post to the SolidJott help center but otherwise you can look around without logging in. Attached is a quick screen capture of what you will be presented with in SolidWorks. Note: Remember to switch the view preferences to ‘SolidWorks View’ on the right hand side of the window when in SolidWorks, if you cannot see the right hand side there is a slider at the bottom of the pane to allow you to scroll over to it.

Here is the premise you need help or can help someone with a SolidWorks problem but switching between windows such as SolidWorks and your email client, to a web form, a word document, or other software to capture the question or to offer a answer can be a painful laborious task. You can quickly loose context in what you are trying to capture in this method. Using SolidJott however you open the sidebar tab, login, and voila! Help while in SolidWorks! without loosing context! You can then communicate with some of the top experts in SolidWorks community right within SolidWorks.

But there’s more… It slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries… Ok maybe not fries just yet but future developments will include A button to send a screen capture to the post and a button to ‘pack and go’ the file(s) you are working on currently and send to post to make things even easier in describing problems or solutions.

This addin will be provided for free to anyone who would like the service, but…

I have been running this site out of my pocket and for the future developments I will need some funding. If you like what you get please leave a tip. I would recommend $5 or $10 or the cost of a couple of fancy coffees or $20 if you can afford it. For this nominal tip you get help when you need it where you need it using this addin for SolidWorks So help me fast track additions to this addin by donating what you can. Thank you for your support! Click the Donate button on the side bar to help the community tech support revolution.

Here is a Demo video for you to have a look at on the addin

You can also download a MOV file here


Ben Eadie


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