Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Second Birfday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be my 2 year anniversary of podcasts! Here is a neat little trick bought to you by Mark Biasotti from SolidWorks.

You will also notice in the video below that you can add comments to the timeline. This is brought to you by http://www.viddler.com, if you want to leave a comment to the video don't ask me how to do it, go to the Viddler site and find out for yourself . This is a test to see if this is functionality I would like to have in future online episodes.

You will notice from this attached video (if you have downloaded this video via a podcast aggregator you will have to go to either www.Mountain-Wave.blogspot.com or www.SolidMentor.com to see this in action, that you can leave comments in the time line (Hint. Click the little round ball icon on the time line...). So feel free to experiment and add your comments, tags and video. White markers in the time line are video and text comments, black are kind of like chapter tags for tag words and Yellow are relevant ads and I will look further into this format for my future casts.



Josh said...

sweet man. I like the video comments. good way to put ads in too. oh, and the sweep stuff was good too :)

Ben said...

One thing with the comments is that you can bookmark a point in time of the video for yourself and others too.

I think Viddler is on to something big here and their interface is great!